Posted on: 11 November, 2010

Author: Ashly Sun

Dow Chemical Company has recently aided SBM Solar achieve product certification for its crystalline silicon solar panels.  The certification for compliance solutions and product safety was awarded to SBM Solar’s silicon solar panels by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.. SBM Solar develops, researches, and manufactures patent-pending, non-glass solar energy technology. Their product facilitates energy dependency for commercial and residential buildings. Dow Chemical Company is primarily responsible for the non-ethylene vinyl acetate-based thermoplastic coating of SBM Solar’s non-glass photovoltaic modules. Dow’s special coating enables SBM Solar to manufacture solar panels three times quicker than ordinary glass modules. Dow’s coating features distinct block architecture that allows unprecedented control of the polymer chain which not only improves existing olefin elastomers, but also allows other new application opportunities as compared to traditional flexible materials. The product can also provide competitive performance at lower costs than many specialty elastomers which means bigger possibilities for the solar panels. In 2009, Dow Chemical Company reaped numerous awards including being the most admired chemical company in Brazil as hailed by Carta Capital Magazine, thus earning Brazil’s first ever distinction for diversity programming. Other distinctions include being 2008 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year, Most Influential Enterprises in Building Energy Efficiency in China for 2008, Best in Class in Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index for 2008, the ESS Excellence Award for its Environmental Reporting Project, and the European Responsible Care® Award 2007 for Dow Benelux. The special features of the SBM Solar non-glare solar panels include being 40 percent lighter than glass, which translates to easier and cheaper shipping and handling costs, the capacity to be used in boating and military applications, suitability for applications with weight limits, roof design that allows reduced installation costs, a 20 year warranty, the distinction of having the “world’s highest power to weight ratio”, and its resistance to adverse weather conditions like rain, high winds and lightning. The panels may also be personalized into shapes, sizes, and colors for maximization and flexibility in design. Source: Free Articles from