Posted on: 20 December, 2019

Author: Nadeem Saifi

Who doesn’t like coffee? Of course, happiness is a lot more if you have the best possible utensil in which to take the coffee. Be it a gift store or café, coffee cups are in huge demand. In fact, every year or in six months, you are bound to see new designs and prints when it comes to coffee mugs. A fancy coffee cup for your coffee addict friend is highly likely to add bling to his/her birthday. But do you know that the coffee cups used in the restaurants or in the cafes are made up of plastic which cannot be degraded and it causes harm to the environment? Every year a large amount of plastic waste is generated which is non-biodegradable and proven to be hazardous for the environment. Another day to day times also mainly belongs to this harmful category. And most of the non-biodegradable waste dumps in the waterways which affect flora, fauna, avifauna, and every possible living being. You can choose the cheap reusable coffee cups which adds a little purpose to this item too. Keeping this in mind, the world has started moving towards the use of coffee cups which can be reused and which at the same time, are inexpensive. Can You Tell Me More? Nowadays, banning plastic has become the need of the hour keeping in mind the health and balance of the ecosystem. A switch to these cups is a step in keeping the environment healthy. Basically, these cups are natural and organic in nature and their main aim is to be eco-friendly. In fact, these cups can go a long way and are significant in lowering the waste-management environmental impacts. The best part about them is that they can be used several times and also help in curbing the cost that goes into buying the news cups, again and again!  What are the Other Properties of This Product? First of all, it costs less. This is the best part of this item. Again, it is chic and looks elegant. Thus the appeal is not compromised in any way. Recycling is awesome! But bringing a sturdy coffee mug that can be reused for making your own brew is a great way of avoiding the single-use plastic and adapting to a zero-waste lifestyle. In fact, it can replace the plastic and disposable cups that pile up and end up straight in the landfills, posing great harm to the environment. These mugs can come in different shapes and varieties. They are generally made of glass, stainless steel or other eco-friendly materials. Plus they stay highly insulated! So you do not have to worry about your coffee anymore! They are sleek, safe, sturdy and stylish. What’s more, is that they are microwavable and safe even for the dishwashers. So you do not have to worry about their maintenance too! Benefits of Using this Mug This mug can redefine the way in which you take your coffee. Obviously, there are a lot of perks in having such an item at home: 1) They are chic and eco-friendly. 2) They are inexpensive and do not burn a hole in your pockets. 3) They are 100 % natural and can be reused several times. 4) They are safe for both the microwave and dishwasher. 5) They are sleek and sturdy so you can carry them everywhere. 6) The beverage stays fresh and insulated. 7) Some of them come with lids or heat-resistance sleeve for better insulation. 8) Using this implies a step taken to make the world waste-free. 9) Can be a stellar replacement for the disposable plastic cups. We, at For Earth’s Sake, have started with the aim of leading and making others lead a zero-waste lifestyle. Our online store has a plethora of eco-friendly options and indeed, the reusable mugs are a fast-moving item. Our product is exactly as you must have imagined: chic and eco-friendly. Again, it comes with a smooth silicone lid which is easy to remove and clean. Again, it will keep your beverage insulated. This cup is absolutely safe for dishwashers and microwaves and comes with a heat-resistant sleeve. The best part about it is that is BPA free. So have no more FOMO, only coffee to go! Looking to gift this item to your coffee lover pal today? We can help! Source: Free Articles from My name is Nadeem Saifi I am graduate from Delhi University and I am working as a Digital Marketing Strategist and content marketing expert. I have experience of various domains and now I am working for a different domain which is about environment-friendly products and I am promoting some products like cheap reusable coffee cups this is a very cool concept and a growing industry as well.